Flange allignment tool

The A-TOOL is a flange alignment tool used to align or re-align flange joints during construction, commissioning or during routine maintenance.

1. No slings, hooks or lifting gear required
2. Can be installed and used in any position
3. The A-TOOL provides up to 20 tons of aligning power
4. The A-TOOL is CE-Marked

Can be used on flanges regardless of flange thickness, depth, and bolt hole diameter


No special tools needed

• Can be installed and used in any position (horizontally or vertically)
• The A-TOOL is a lightweight, self-contained solution, which can be easily transported and used in remote locations, with limited access
• The A-TOOL provides up to 20 tons of aligning power, and comes in a kit that includes transport case.
• The A-TOOL only weighs 14 kg.
• The A-TOOL is CE-Marked

Engiso provides many types of solutions that are easily and readily deployed into current designs, businesses, systems or processes.
They can be used immediately once installed or implemented.
In such cases, the purpose of using a turnkey solution is to avoid the hassle and headache of setting up your own in-house solution or resources.
Engiso can deliver an “All inclusive” solution tailored to the customer’s exact needs or requests.


The tool is attached to the flange joint where misalignment is at its greatest and then simply pushes and pulls the flanges into correct alignment.

The A-TOOL is a safe, labor-saving fast, and effective solution for even the toughest flange alignment jobs.

The A-TOOL's design and function eliminates the need for hammering when lining up flanges without the need for an external power sources.