Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In ENGISO ApS we are committed to including environmental impact in our strategy.

To be able to do so, we: 

  • Must include sustainable resource use in our product development and manufacture.
  • Must be able to account for our CO2 emissions.
  • Must not have a negative impact on biodiversity and ecosystems, and must work to prevent emissions, spillage, leakage, contamination of flora and fauna.
  • Must follow requirements for waste management, including e.g. sorting in nationally defined fractions.
  • Must establish, maintain, and improve a quality management system; the system must be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified by an accredited certification body.
  • Must timely and effectively address any environmental issues, that arise.
  • Must adhere to any and all relevant rules and regulations.

 The environmental policy is reviewed annually as part of management review, see index 9.3.1, or whenever management deem it necessary. This is to ensure consistency throughout the quality management system from business and strategic plan to policies to objectives.

 Communicating the policy

 The policy will be presented on the company’s website, in the company presentation and in communication to new and existing customers (e.g., during customer satisfaction surveys).

 Since this policy is not confidential, it can and will be sent to anybody upon request to read it.