P-Tool by ENGISO is the fastest way to a safe, labor saving and effective fall protection solution when working on steel structures.

Patent Pending #21196058.8

ENGISO P-TOOL is a magnetic Tie-off anchor point and fall restraint solutions utilized in markets during construction, commissioning, or maintenance. The P-Tool magnetic property eliminates the need for welding or other expensive tie-off solutions.

Key features

Magnetic Tie-Off Anchor Point. Unit weight only 15 kg. (30Lbs)

Self-contained and agile

A light weight and self- contained solution at only 15kg (30 Ibs.) installed on steel in any position (horizontal, Vertical or on a walking surface.) 

Easy assembly and transport

P-Tool © is inclusive of carrying case and is compact for confined spaces.

User friendly

Build-in indicators ensures visual indication that P-Tool has been correctly applied and ready foruse as personal tie-off anchor point.
Safe and easy to use!


ENGISO P-Tool is attached to a ferrous steel surface by means of 6 pc. V-MAG 340 permanent magnets. The P-Tool can be placed with ease where a fall protection tie off anchor is needed; ceiling, wall or walking surface. ENGISO P-Tool is portable, light weight and can be relocated without damages to a painted surface.

P-Tool utilizes the most powerful and strongest neodymium magnets available. Without loss of magnetism, the rubber coated V-MAG offers excellent resistance to heat, ozone and inclement weather resistance.

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Applicable areas

Wind Oil & Gas Telecom Marine

P-Tool© from Engiso can be applied in various business areas. Including wind energy, the oil & gas industry, the telecom sector, defense and marine.

If you would like a free quotation or learn more about how the P-Tool can optimize your workflow and finances - feel free to contact us.